What is the favorite food of Keanu Reeves? Find Out

Keanu Reeves is back in the headlines and just like always, it is for the right reasons. His new movie John Wick 3 is doing good business in the box office.  Also, He did a few interviews recently and some of them have gone viral as well.

But have you ever wondered what Keanu Reeves like to eat?

Well, he was asked this question during one of the Internet AMAs and he noted that he has specific likes based on the food type.

For instance, when it comes to sandwich, he had the following to say.

“A hot pastrami sandwich, with Russian and mustard. On rye. With a kosher dill pickle. Sliced in quarters. With some potato chips. And a Coca-Cola with crushed ice,”

He also have a clear understanding when it comes to waffles.

“A waffle with melted butter, and maple syrup, and on the side, an ice-cold glass of 2% milk with some… Bacon… Crispy… And sliced banana on the side,” he added.

Considering how specific he is when it comes to his food choices, it is safe to say that he is indeed a foodie.

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