Energy Drinks: What it can do to your body

Energy Drinks have been part of our daily life for quite some time now. Despite the warnings from health experts, the usage of such drinks has not been reduced.


And now, a new study has revealed something shocking. A study published in the Journal of American Heart Association noted that Energy drinks are linked to blood pressure. It noted that people who consume such drinks on a regular basis are at the risk of heart abnormalities and changes in blood pressure.

“These drinks have been linked to an increase in emergency room visits and deaths. We aim to determine the impact of energy drinks on electrocardiographic and hemodynamic parameters in young healthy volunteers. Caffeinated drinks significantly prolong the QTc interval and raise brachial and central blood pressure post-acute exposure,” the study noted.

So if you are someone that consumes a lot of such drinks, it’s about time that you reduced it.

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