Junk Food: Here’s another reason to stop eating

If you are a regular consumer of Junk food, it’s about time that you stopped. A new study has revealed that Junk Food not only impacts your weight, but it can also impact your memory and cognition.


The food items rich in saturated fats and junk foods can cause an oxidative stress on your brain and in turn, impact vulnerable neurons. It can also cause toxic inflammation in Perineuronal Nets.  

“Perineuronal nets (PNNs) are extracellular matrix structures serving multiple functions, including regulating synaptic plasticity, stabilizing synapses, and protecting neurons from oxidative stress and neurotoxins. Through their physiological roles, PNNs are also involved in cognition – including encoding, maintaining, and updating memories. Removal of PNNs can render neurons vulnerable to damage – particularly in neurodegenerative conditions involving increased oxidative stress or neurotoxins,” the study notes.

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