3 Shocking Food Facts that you probably did not know

No matter how much you know about food, you are bound to come across some shocking food facts every now and then. Some might be a pleasant surprise while others might end up making you question certain thing.


Either way, we will be listing down three such shocking food facts that you might probably not know.

  1. The amount of salt in Soy Sauce: If you are someone that uses a lot of soy sauce in your food, then you might be taking in more salt than you should. A table spoon of soy sauce has around 2.3g of salt which is 38% of the daily maximum.
  2. Roast Chicken is not as healthy as you think: Roast Chicken is often pushed as a healthy food. But 100g of Roast Chicken has around 7.5 g fats which is higher than most unhealthy foods out there.
  3. Ice Cream is better than Yoghurt: If you thought that your yoghurt is healthier than ice cream, think again. A gallop of Greek Yoghurt has more saturated fat than a scoop of vanilla ice cream and that too, more than double the amount.

So next time you make assumptions about the calorie count of these food items, keep these facts in mind.  

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