Detox with Watermelon: Here’s a drink you can try

It is recommended to detox your body every now and then. Considering the fast-paced life that we are living these days, the chances of one’s body getting clouded up with unwanted toxins are pretty high.

One food item which can help you detox is watermelon. It is a good hydrating food that has plenty of nutrients in it. While eating watermelon alone can be a good remedy, you can try the Watermelon – Basil cooler which can have a better impact on your body.

For making this, you will need:

  1. Four cups of Watermelon Chunks
  2. 2-3 Small Basil Leaves
  3. 2 cups of club soda
  4. Handful of crushed Ice

First, make a puree out of the watermelon, lemon juice and basil leaves. Pour this into a Mason jar and mix well after adding club soda. Add crushed ice to this and use basil leaves to garnish. And you are ready to gulp down your drink.  

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