Immunity Boosting: Try this tea recipe today

Having a strong immunity is crucial. But at the same time, our body might not have the same immunity levels every day. Depending on various factors like climate, food, and stress among others, our immune system might vary.

Especially during rainy season, the system takes a dip and it is important to give it a boost.


Fortunately, there are some recipes that can get the job done and we will be noting down one such tea recipe below.

For making this, you are going to need Honey, lemon and ginger. These are full of anti-bacterial properties and are good sources of Vitamin C as well.

To make the tea, first heat three cups of water in a pan and before it begins to boil, add ginger. Just as it starts to boil, add the tea leaves, lemon juice, and honey. You can then strain it to a cup and enjoy the healthy drink.

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