Fruit Juice can increase the risk of cancer, here’s how

A new study has revealed that high consumption of fruit juice is linked to a higher risk of cancer. Earlier, it was found that soft drinks were the culprits when it comes to increasing the risk of cancer. Daily consumption of about 3.4 ounces of soft drinks was associated with 18% increased risk of cancer.

Fruit juice, vegetable juice and mix juices with fruits and vegetables

The new study revealed that having unsweetened Fruit juice of the same amount can also lead to cancer risk. The study was part of France’s NutriNet-Sante which is a web-based study that follows more than 100,000 volunteers since 2009.

The research also found that there is no higher risk of cancer when sugar-free drinks are consumed. It was also noted that consuming such juices as part of a balanced diet is indeed safe.

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