PFA chemicals: Here’s how it can enter your body through food

PFA chemicals are no joke. Scientifically known as Per-and Poly Fluoroalkyl Chemicals, the PFA Chemicals are found in many items that we use in the kitchen every day. It can poison your body due to prolonged exposure and is unregulated in most countries.


Over the course of time, the chemicals can deposit in kidneys and liver causing dysfunction of the organs or cancer. Most found in non-stick cookware, these can easily contaminate your food on a daily basis. Apart from this, studies have found the presence of these chemicals in the grease-proof paper which is used for cakes as well.

The FDA conducted several studies between 2013 and 2019 and found traces of the chemical in many food items including vegetables and fruits.

“Brands which sell PFOA-free cookware, usually label the product. But this label is not completely fool-proof and it is likely that many of these manufacturers are simply using fluoropolymers made without using PFOA,” notes one of the researches.

So next time you buy non-stick cookware, make sure that there is a label on the product.

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