Depression: Here’s how Dark Chocolate can help

A new study performed at UCL has noted that Dark Chocolate could ease the symptoms of depression in people. The study, which was published in the ‘Depression and Anxiety’ journal, assessed nearly 15,000 adults in the United States.


The presence of flavonoids, an antioxidant, is apparently the major reason why Dark chocolate can fight the condition. Flavonoids are known to have anti-inflammatory properties which can do wonders in such a state.

“This study provides some evidence that consumption of chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, may be associated with reduced odds of clinically relevant depressive symptoms. However further research is required to clarify the direction of causation it could be the case that  causes people to lose their interest in eating chocolate, or there could be other factors that make people both less likely to eat dark chocolate and to be depressed,” said the lead author of the study, Dr Sarah Jackson.

So that’s one more reason to love Dark Chocolate. But then again, it is best to consume the food item in a moderate manner as it could have some ill effects if consumed beyond a particular limit.

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