Trekking: 3 Diet Tips that you should know

Trekking is a perfect get away from the busy lives that we lead. But at the same time, it is important to eat properly on the day of trekking. If you don’t take the proper food on the day of your trek, it might end up ruining the whole experience.


So how should you eat on the day of a trek? Well, here are three tips that you can follow.

  • Don’t skip breakfast: Eating a wholesome breakfast is the key. If you skip the meal, you might feel tired throughout the day which is not something you want.
  • Carry light nutritious meals for refuelling: Rather than taking one-stop and having a big meal, it is ideal to carry small meals that you can eat through the trek. Soups and shakes are ideal for this.
  • Avoid Sugar: Excessive consumption of sugar on the trek can lead to issues like sore throat and dehydration.

So next time you plan a trek, keep these things in mind.

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