High Protein Snacks before Bed: Is it safe?

If you are someone that loves to eat high protein snacks before going to bed, then you are in for some good news.


New research has found that the consumption of high protein snacks before bed does not disturb the overnight metabolism process.

“For far too long, people have been led to believe that eating before bed causes metabolic disturbances and will make them gain fat. However, the data simply does not support this when the food we choose to eat before bed is protein-based and small in size” said the authors.

The study found that this is especially applicable to women. Also, when women that do weight lifting were considered, it showed more interesting results.

“In women who weight train, there are no differences in overnight local belly fat metabolism or whole-body fat burn whether you eat protein in the form of a protein shake during the day post-workout or at night presleep. So, essentially, you can eat protein before bed and not disturb fat metabolism,” the authors added.

The researchers are now planning to conduct follow-up studies about the same.

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