Can Food With Nutrient Deficiency Cause Cancer?

The simple answer to the question posed in the title is: Yes. Nutrient deficiency is also a reason for severe cancer. Our changing lifestyle and food culture are the main reasons why it has come this far.

A new set of worrying findings have linked an increased risk of the disease with the consumption of foods that have low nutritional quality. The associated study was conducted by Mélanie Deschasaux, at the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research in Paris.

In the study report, the participants who ate food products with lower nutritional quality were at higher risk of developing cancer.

More importantly, regular consumption of foods with low nutritional quality led to colorectal cancer. Cancer of the upper digestive tract and stomach are possibilities as well.

In men, such consumption also increases the risk of lung cancer. For women, eating foods that are low in nutrients is tied to a higher risk of liver cancer and breast cancer.

Avoiding such food items with Nutrient Deficiency is the best way to prevent such disasters. Try to consume more foods like fresh vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean protein. These food items play major role in preventing cancer.

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