Watch out for these signs while you buy food products

We often enter a supermarket or grocery store to buy food products we need, but forget to watch out for the things that speak of the quality of these products. We reach home and then find that the mayonnaise had already expired or the eggs had been broken.

Whether or not we are in a hurry, it’s always important to see for the crucial information about a certain product that the store may not tell us. This can help you get the freshest and safest food.

Here are a few things to look out for while you buy fresh food products:

  • Check the Best Before date and use the food before that date. Make sure the item has not expired.
  • Check the ripeness of fresh fruits or vegetables. This way, you can use them according to when you need them.
  • If the item is a carton of eggs or something similar, look inside and make sure that they are not cracked or damaged.

Things to watch out for while buying packaged foods:

  • Do not buy items that have damaged packaging: It could mean that germs got in because of the damage, or germs grew because of the change in temperature or oxygen.
  • Don’t eat foods if there’s water in the package(e.g., packaged fruits, vegetables or meat).
  • Do not buy cans that are dented.
  • Avoid buying frozen items that have frost on or inside the package.
  • Always make sure to quickly go through the list of ingredients to check for any potentially harmful/allergic elements. Also see to it that the product has the necessary certification and approval by the respective food authority.

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