Cloves: Here’s how they improve your oral health

Cloves are the aromatic, unopened flower buds of an evergreen – the clove tree. The word ‘clove’ comes from the French word for a nail because of the obvious resemblance. This condiment is known worldwide for its unique, exotic flavor and aroma that it gives to food.

Moreover, its medicinal, antiseptic and anesthetic properties have proved to work wonders for centuries! But did you know that these little guys are the best natural remedy for toothaches? Let’s find out more.

Toothaches can ruin your day effortlessly. Moreover, taking an appointment and going to the dentist may take longer than you expect. By then, you would’ve lost all the patience and endurance you had. This is where our magical buds can come in for quick relief.

Cloves contain an active ingredient that numbs the skin it comes in contact with. For as long as anyone knows its existence, the technique is to insert the bud of a clove onto the tooth cavity or where the pain is. This is the most basic, easy and convenient  way for quick relief.

Since the last few decades, an alternative technique is the application of clove oil/powder. Mix a teaspoon of clove oil with coconut/olive oil and apply it with a cotton swab on the tooth or cavity that hurts.

Voila! This is the greatest instant reliever you can get. The regular use of clove products can even improve your overall oral health.

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