Victoria’s Secret Supermodels: What you need to know about their diet

Victoria’s Secret supermodels are very well known for their strict exercise regime and diet. And it is absolutely evident as they present themselves on the runway.

The maintenance of such physiques require great dedication and consistency. But to look their best, these supermodels take a few extra steps. Let’s find out more about how they prepare themselves prior to a show.

Protein-rich food like eggs and quinoa; low-carb veggies like cucumber and leafy veggies; avocados and guava.

To be their best before a show, the models cut down on carbs almost completely. This helps them avoid bloating. They  load up more on proteins, healthy fats and low-carb vegetables. Three to five days before the show, they start this new diet and avoid all other food items.

The go-to foods of these supermodels would be avocados, eggs, protein shakes and nuts. They keep away from food items like white bread and rice because of their high glycemic index. Foods with high glycemic index causes the blood sugar levels to rise up immediately, and then come down. This may even affect some people’s skin. This is definitely not preferred by models during the time of shows. 

But this does not mean they constantly avoid carbs. They take necessary carbs until a week before the show. Carbs are the mandatory fuel to have great workouts and for building muscles to tone the body.

They also incorporate intermittent fasting into their routine. The more your body goes on without taking food(but not too long), the more your body goes into a mode of burning fat.

The Victoria’s Secret supermodels’ life… not so simple now, is it? Well, attaining good physique does take a lot of effort regardless of genetics and the like.

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