Obesity vs. Malnutrition: Which is a bigger threat to the world?

Obesity and Malnutrition are two things that haunt the world population. Both are best kept away and a lot of the countries out there fail in doing so.

On paper, Malnutrition might sound like the bigger threat to the world. However, a new study has revealed that obesity kills more people in comparison. In fact, the condition kills triple the number of people who die from malnutrition.


“We have gone from a world 20 years ago where people weren’t getting enough to eat to a world now where too much food and unhealthy food – even in developing countries – is making us sick.” Dr Majid Ezzati, one of the lead authors noted in an interview with the Telegraph.

The number of deaths from being overweight has come up to three million a year which is whopping. The deaths to Malnutrition, on the other hand, have shown a small dip over the past few decades. It has fallen down two-thirds since 1990 to less than a million in 2010.

Despite the small drop, the authors noted that the number of healthy people also deserves some attention.

“We’re finding that very few people are walking around with perfect health and that, as people age, they accumulate health conditions.” One of the authors noted.

Proper exercise, diet and rest are recommended and not getting any of these could lead your health to a downward spiral.

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