Pineapple: Why does your mouth burn when you eat it?

Pineapple is a polarizing fruit. There are people who love it and then there are people who hate it. But irrespective of the categories, one thing is certain: Burning sensation.

Whenever we eat the fruit, we get a burning feel inside our mouth, tongues or even lips. There is a reason behind this. Pineapples contain bromelain which is an enzyme that digests protein. This, in turn, digests the tender skin inside the mouth which causes the burning sensation.

The enzyme is found most in the core of the fruit as well. 

Although it takes some of our skin away, our body can regenerate quickly and heal our mouths in no time. If you are dead-bound in avoiding the situation, then cooking the fruit is an option. Heat has the ability to take away the impact of the enzyme.

Some also suggest cutting the fruit and keeping it in room temperature will lessen the impact of the enzyme. Studies, however, suggest that the enzyme can survive up to a week in room temperature.

So the best practice to eat the raw pineapple would be to carefully cut out the stem and core before you munch on them.

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