Is red meat actually good for you? Find out.

Unlike white meat like chicken, which is pale when raw or cooked, red meat is that which is red in colour when raw, and dark brown when cooked.

It is rich in iron, creatine, minerals like zinc and phosphorus, and B-vitamins. This meat is also a source of lipoic acid which gives energy and boosts the body’s aerobic metabolism. It is also believed to sharpen your brain.

There have always been never-ending controversies about whether or not red meat is actually good for the body. Some try to prove it is, while some say otherwise. Throughout evolution, humans have consumed it and remained in excellent health. But there does seem to be a change in this trend in recent times. 

Firstly, this particular meat is not what it used to be. Until a few centuries ago, men hunted down animals that grass-fed themselves and roamed free in the wild. And now, cows are fed with grain-based food along with antibiotics and the like. Moreover, meat is now highly processed and sold for preservation purposes and so on.

Ultimately, it all comes down to how and where you get the meat. In the countryside, you are likelier to get better, fresh meat. This is because in the city, because of the availability issue of fresh meat, people end up buying processed packages. 

In all totality of this topic, it is okay to say that food item is in fact great, but only if its obtained in its purest form, i.e., without any processing.

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