Exercise: Restrictive Eating may be the motivation you need

If you are someone struggling to find motivation for exercise, then restricting the food you eat could be the key. This is according to a new study published in the Journal of Endocrinology.

According to the study, limiting the food intake could lead to the increase in the hormone called Ghrelin. This is also called the huger hormone and it apparently stimulates the appetite. The hormone does the same by regulating the reward circuitry of the brain.

Ghrelin is also important for endurance during workout as it promotes metabolism of the body.

“Our findings suggest that hunger, which promotes ghrelin production, may also be involved in increasing motivation for voluntary exercise when feeding is limited. Therefore, maintaining a healthy eating routine, with regular mealtimes or fasting, could also encourage motivation for exercise in overweight people,” noted the lead author of the study.

The result from the studies points out that diet control is one of the keys when it comes to leading a healthy life. It also suggests that fasting intermittently could help overweight people to tone down and follow their workout plan. It can also help them fend off heart conditions and issues like diabetes.

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