How good are potatoes? Here are some lesser known benefits

Potatoes are a root vegetable and a starchy tuber. They are known for the richness of carbohydrates which is the fuel of the human body to function. There are other types of these root vegetables of the same family such as yam with another set of nutritional qualities. 

Apart from the obvious nutritional qualities that everyone knows about this tuber, it primarily is great for a set of other things. Read more about it below.

  • Bone strength: These tubers are so rich in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium that they are a great source of food if you are looking for something that can strengthen your bones. As you age, especially once you reach your late twenties, your bone density decreases. 
  • Blood pressure: Your sodium intake is what primarily affects the variations in blood pressure. A low sodium intake is important to keep your blood pressure normal and in check.
  • Cardiovascular health: The low cholesterol, vitamins C and B6 and the rich presence of fiber, all help in maintaining your heart’s health.
  • Digestion: This vegetable is greatly suggested for people who experience constipation. It eases out bowel movements and makes the process of digestion easier.
  • Weight management: With the consumption of the right quantity, potatoes have been proven great to manage body weight because of the rich content of fiber present in them.

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