Skincare: This everyday food item can do wonders for you

Skincare can be exhaustive. It takes a lot of effort to keep your skin intact but there is an everyday food item that we overlook when it comes to skincare: Milk.


The calcium and protein in milk are known to be very beneficial for our health. But not many people consider milk to be a beauty product.

Along with drinking a glass full of milk every day, you can also indulge in the beauty ritual of applying milk on skin. From nourishing skin to fighting signs of ageing, here are some beauty benefits of using milk on the skin.

  • It helps to remove dead skin cells: Gently massage a spoonful of milk on the skin and wipe it with a wet tissue paper.
  • Fight signs of aging: Milk contains lactic acid, which can boost the skin’s health. It helps to renew collagen production, which makes the skin so firm. To get maximum benefit, use raw milk for the face pack.
  • Good Moisturizer: Raw milk can be a great moisturizer for your skin as lactic acid is a powerful humectant. Use cold milk and dip a cotton ball and leave it on the skin for 10 minutes before washing it off.

Raw milk is an amazing natural cleanser as well. It will drive out all the junk from within clogged pores, preventing further blackheads, acne and more.

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