Ryan Reynolds: This is his favorite food

Do you know what the favorite food of Ryan Reynolds is? Well, if you don’t, you are about to find out today.

Reynolds is always on the news for one reason or the other. The Deadpool star is known for his quirky humor and entertaining characters both on-screen and off-screen. But not many people know about the favorite food of Reynolds.


During one of his interviews with Men’s Health, Reynolds revealed that Pizza is his cheat day meal. He also noted his favorite restaurant as well.

“Is it really unhealthy if it makes you so happy? Patsy’s Pizza…There’s a Patsy’s Pizza up in Harlem that’s pretty much the best pizza…on the whole planet,” he said

In the same interview, he also said that he is a horrible cook that could start a fire in the kitchen. And as usual, he had his own way of putting the idea into words as you can see below.

“I am not innovative in the kitchen. The firemen will kick down our door, take my wife away, and give her a better life,” he added.

Next time you are in Harlem, make sure you check out Patsy’s Pizza. Who knows, you might even run into Ryan Reynolds.

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