Diet Quality of Children: Here’s how it can be improved

The Diet Quality of Children is something that worries parents. A lot of parents out there struggle to keep up the same and this, in turn, leads to a unhealthy child.

A new study, however, has come up with a solution for the issue. The study, which was published in the ‘Journal of the American College of Nutrition’ notes that drinking fruit juice could be the key to developing a good diet quality of children.

“Drinking 100% fruit juice has many positive attributes that improve overall diet quality. When juice is eliminated from a child’s diet, it can have unintended negative nutritional consequences, especially for low-income populations.” The study author noted.

It was also noted that the juice consumption had dropped over the past decades.

“Over the past three decades, fruit juice consumption has fallen substantially yet the gap has not been filled by the consumption of whole fruit. A combination of whole fruit and juice is the best way for children and adults to meet their daily-recommended fruit servings and improve their overall diet,” it was added.

So if you are a parent looking to make your child eat healthy, then this is certain something you can try.

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