Hair Breakage: Here’s how this food item can help you

When the shafts of your hair break, resulting in split ends and shorter hair strands, it is known as hair breakage. Hair breakage usually occurs due to dry scalp and damaged hair. Lack of moisture, washing your hair with hard water, heat styling and blow drying your hair, hair coloring, using cotton pillows etc may cause the issue

Here is a home remedy to stop the condition

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar helps to balance the pH of your scalp owing to the presence of acetic acid in it. Acetic acid also helps in keeping your hair soft, thereby preventing breakage. Also, it is antimicrobial and can prevent scalp infections. 

Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to two cups of water and mix well. Use this solution to rinse your hair after shampooing. Do this once a week.

The most underlying causes may be corrected with lifestyle changes. If you still experience severe hair breakage, you have to see a healthcare professional to rule out any underlying medical issues. 

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