Bland diet: Find out why you should follow it

People normally switch to a bland diet when they are ill or sick, especially if they have ulcers or gut problems. Because during these times, the stomach, or the digestive system altogether cannot tolerate spicy and heavy food. So how does a bland diet help? What exactly is it?


Bland foods are those which are generally soft, cooked, low in dietary fiber and not spicy. These include low-fat milk and other dairy products, cooked, canned or frozen vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices, white fish and shell fish, tuna, eggs, creamy peanut butter, etc.

More often, the food items that you need to avoid on this diet are as important as those that you need to eat. Examples of bland foods include high-fat dairy products, all fried items, crackers, cereals, citrus fruits, whole grain breads, pickles, onions, garlic, caffeine, tomato juice, and so on. It is a good idea to keep away from medications like aspirin and ibuprofen too.

The diet is gastrointestinal for all the right reasons. It is low- residue, gentle and soft in nature which is best for treating active ulcers, gastrointestinal inflammations and infections. Hence, it is easy on the digestive system.

Moreover, when you follow such a diet, your skin and overall health generally gets better because the body sort of resets itself. It is important that your chew your food well too. And no matter what diet you follow, hydration is important. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. It washes away all the toxins in your body.

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