Sugar: This is how it affects you

Sugar and sweet foods are some of the most tempting things in the world! Whether or not you are on a diet, it’s almost inevitable that we get food cravings, especially for sugary foods. But most of us do not realize what this does to a human body. Let’s take a look.

Sugars provide carbohydrates to your body. They can be classified as two: monosaccharides and disaccharides. Glucose and fructose(from fruits) and the like are monosaccharides whereas sucrose(table sugar) are disaccharides. The former is supposedly healthier and provides more benefits to the body than disaccharides.

Sweetened products contain what is called ‘liquid calories’. These are more likely to make you feel less full. In fact, these products make you feel hungry in a very short while after consumption. This is because these sugars are easily broken down and you start craving for similar foods again.

It is best to avoid sweets and sweetened foods as much as possible; they force unnecessary and unwanted calorie intake. Drinks such as coke and other energy drinks do the same as they are loaded with sugars. A person who needs less calories in a day, should definitely avoid such food items. They ultimately even slow down metabolism.

Make healthier choices. Choose fruits over cupcakes and pastries, and fruit juices over milkshakes and energy drinks.

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