5 Food Items To Eat During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period of time when all women should take great care. The mother’s health as well as the baby’s are both integral. Starting from eating the right food to getting sufficient sleep to paying attention to the mother’s mental health, there is quite a lot to be taken care of.

Women often experience a lot of mood swings and a sudden change in interests as their hormones go out of balance. This is not exactly fixable. But, there is a few other things that can be done to regulate the mother’s overall health.

Here is a few things a pregnant woman can eat:

  • Dairy Products: The mother eats for the fetus too. She needs to take in sufficient calcium and protein for herself and her baby. Hence, the consumption of dairy products such as milk, yogurt are highly encouraged.
  • Sweet Potatoes: They are a rich source of vitamin A. It promotes the growth of cells and tissues. This helps the mother and helps the baby grow healthy. Sweet potatoes also regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Eggs: They are jam-packed with protein and good fat, as well as vitamins and minerals. They also contain choline which is vital for brain development.
  • Lean Meat: Chicken is the best source of lean meat. But pork and beef also provide high-quality protein. All these contain choline and iron too.
  • Berries: Vitamin C is essential during this time and berries are the answer to it. They are also loaded with antioxidants that can improve the mother’s health quite a lot.

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