Tea: Here is a use that you probably did not know

Tea isn’t just for drinking! Did you know that the drink can also work wonders for your hair?

Tea rinses are an ancient old beauty remedy used for treating scalp issues, enhancing hair color, and fixing a long list of other hair issues.


One of the best parts about the method is that they’re cost-effective and easy to make at home. For a strong brew, add three to five tea bags to two cups of hot water and let it steep. Or for a weaker solution, simply reduce the number of tea bags.

When you’re ready to use your rinse, begin by washing your hair with shampoo or a cleansing conditioner. Once you’re done with this first step, leave your hair damp and be sure to check that the drink has cooled before use.

Then prepare your rinse by funneling your drink into a spray bottle to ensure that the solution will be evenly distributed throughout your hair and scalp. Next, add the solution to your scalp and massage throughout your hair. Lastly, cover your hair with a plastic cap for up to thirty minutes and finish by rinsing your strands with cold water.

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