How to Lose weight: A hack you can do before your breakfast

If you are wondering how to lose weight, then you might want to add something right before you eat your daily breakfast.

As you probably know by now, having a healthy diet and a proper workout routine is the key to leading a healthy life. But if you are having some extra pounds, then you will have to put in some extra efforts.


While there are plenty of weight loss programs out there that explain how to lose weight, a new study has revealed the impact of exercising before eating breakfast. And the impact is huge. According to this study, people who work out just before breakfast was able to burn twice the amount of calories compared to exercising during other times of the day.

This is because working out on an empty stomach makes the body more responsive to insulin as well. This, in turn, reduces the risk of diabetes and other cardiovascular conditions. And if you decide to add this new routine to your daily schedule, then there are some things you need to keep in mind as well.

Make sure that you eat 15-20 minutes after your workout. The food you consume should have carbs and high-quality protein. Food items like fruits, bananas, peanut butter and trail mix can be added to your breakfast as well.

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