Winter: Use these three food items for your skin

Winter is here. And during the season, our skin starts to feel dry and undernourished. The condition worsens as we enjoy all the winter ‘comforts’ like heaters and blowers, being out in the sun and bathing with hot water.


An overall lack of external and internal nourishment can all lead to itchiness, dry and parched skin and generally unhappy looking skin. There are plenty of kitchen ingredients that will make your skin nourished.

Here are 3 food items you can use for your skin in the season.

  • Banana: Mash bananas and mix them with egg white or honey and apply it to your skin. Keep it for about 15 minutes and wash off with normal water. This face mask will give you soft, supple and glowing skin.
  • Almonds: Mix almond powder with milk and make a thick paste. This face scrub will help exfoliate your skin and give you soft and glowing skin. Alternatively, take 50 gms of almond powder and mix it with half a cup of oatmeal, rice powder and milk. This scrub will help reduce dark dry patches on your skin, especially on knees, elbows and knuckles.
  • Milk: Mix raw milk and water in a bowl and massage it on your face. You may also add 2 tsp of mashed papaya to it to treat blemishes and dryness.

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