Chipotle is testing this new way of food ordering

Chipotle needs no introduction. And one of the reasons why they have been so successful is their willingness to try and implement new innovative ideas.


They are currently testing one out as well which can make the process of ordering and picking up food much easier. The new store layout will allow the customers to place their orders through an application. The customers can then simply walk up to the store and take their food.

This ‘walk-up window’ idea could also be helpful for delivery drivers from food delivery services.

“The new restaurant design will emulate Chipotle’s commitment to transparency. Open views and front row seating provide direct lines of sight into the kitchen, where crew members hand prepare fresh food with real ingredients every day. The openness of this design will aim to increase communication and foster a sense of community with the restaurants. Additionally, bottled beverages will be more accessible with a customer-facing reach in cooler built into the serving line,” a statement noted.

The CEO noted that modifying the business to the digital world will increase the overall experience of the guests and in turn, finalize orders more effectively.

What do you think of this walk-up window concept that Chipotle has introduced? Let us know in the comment section below.

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