Christmas Food: The story of Plum Pudding

Christmas food items are always a treat. It is what completes the festival experience and for a lot of people out there, the festival is all about munching on their favorite Christmas Food.


One such food item that cannot be excluded during this festive season is Plum Pudding. It has been a mainstay for Christmas for a long time and there is a story behind this as well.

It is believed that one of the Roman Catholic Churches had plans of presenting the Christ and his apostles with a 13 ingredient pudding. The pudding idea soon turned out to be a tradition which is still part of our holiday season.

This is also believed to be the origin of the stir-it-up Sunday where all the family members take turns to stir the pudding. The pudding is mostly made of dried fruits and is indeed a delicacy.

Similarly, there is a story behind candy canes as well. It is believed that Germans made these candy canes to keep children quiet during the church services. These later went on to be part of the Christmas tree as well thanks to Agust Imgrad who is known to decorate the tree with candy canes for the first time.

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