Cutting back Added Sugar: Here is what you should know

The idea of cutting back on added sugar got prioritized now because many people started giving importance to losing weight.

Moreover, people focus more on healthy diets. Not just cutting down, many have taken a wise step further to eliminate sugar completely from their diet.

cutting back added sugar

Eating too much sugar than recommended is the main cause of obesity and leading heart problems. The percentage of people with diabetes have more chances of getting heart problems than non-diabetic people.

Apart from these main health issues, metabolic syndrome, heart issues, type 2 diabetics, high blood pressure, cancer, stroke, depression, high cholesterol, fatty liver, dental plaque, and cavities are the other serious health disorders you are going to catch up with as an aftereffect of taking too much sugar.

New US study finds that the average daily intake of sugar in Americans is 17 teaspoons of sugar. More than 50% of infants and toddlers take more than the recommended amount.

Reducing sugar is actually a simple concept, but it can be challenging when a majority of foods available in supermarkets, which is very tempting for many of us, contains added sugar. Make a point to read out the clean labels in all the foods you are going to choose out of your shopping list.

The first few days will be the most difficult hour of less sugar added diet. Stick to it, then you will be able to say goodbye to sweet cravings and hence lead a healthy life.

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