Thai Food: Here are 3 Facts you should know

Thai Food has always been popular and rightfully so. It is one of those cuisines that always manage to surprise you with something new and make your mouth water at the same time. But how well do you know the cuisine?


There are a lot of facts about Thai Food that is not known to many and we will be listing down three such facts below.

  • The lack of Baking – Baked food is something that you will rarely find in the cuisine. Almost all the popular dishes are stir-fried, deep-fried or grilled.
  • Have you Eaten? – This is probably the first question you will get from a Thai person when you meet him or her. This is because food is considered to be very important to them. And if you are wondering what the Thai version of the question is, it is ‘Gin Khao Yung’.
  • Sugar usage in dishes – A good portion of the Thai dishes has sugar in them. While this is a total contrast from what is done in the west, the addition of sugar in Thai cuisine adds to the bigger picture of the food being a combination of different flavours like spicy, sour, salty and of course, sweet.

If reading the article made your mouth water, head to the nearest Thai restaurant and try out something today.

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