How many people can our current food system feed? Find out

Our current food system might not be the best one out. There are a lot of flaws in it and once again, these flaws have been exposed as part of a recent study.


According to the study, it was found that our current food system can only feed 3.4 billion people without straining the planetary limits. The world population meanwhile as of April 2019 was 7.7 Billion. This means that we are burning out our planet even for the production of food.

The study also suggested that changing certain changes to the diet could make a drastic difference. For instance, changing the crops farmed and how they are farmed could end up enabling us to feed around 10 million people.

“We should not go any further in the direction of producing food at the cost of the environment,” says Dieter Gerten, who is the author of the study.

Some of the suggestions put forth by the team include decreasing nitrogen fertilization, reducing water usage in sensitive areas, and reforesting farmland among others. Reduction in food waste and not eating meat could also have a huge impact on saving our planet and making food available to many.

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