Ageing: Drinking Low-fat milk can slow it down

Low Fat Milk could be the key to slowing down ageing for you. In a new study which was published in the Journal Oxidative Medicine, it was revealed that people who drink Low fat Milk experienced less biological ageing when compared to people that drank high fat milk.


The same was figured out on the basis of Telomere length. For the uninitiated, Telomere is a part of the human chromosome. It acts as a biological clock and is related with age. If a person is old, the telomere is bound to be short. Similarly, if a person is young, telomere is bound to be longer.

The study managed to find a direct relation between this telomere length and the amount of milk fat consumed by humans.

“It was surprising how strong the difference was, if you’re going to drink high-fat milk, you should be aware that doing so is predictive of or related to some significant consequences,” the authors noted.

This conclusion also supports the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans which encourages the adults to consume milk with low fat as part of a healthy diet.

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