Ketogenic Diet: It might cause harm in the long run

Ketogenic Diet might give you the results in the short term but apparently, in the long run, it might work against you. According to a new study which was published in the Journal Natural Metabolism, it notes that such diets don’t have longevity.


For the uninitiated, Ketogenic Diet is a diet where one is supposed to cut down on carbs. The person will then have to rely on fats for energy.

The researchers found that if a person eats a high-fat, low carb diet for a long time, he or she could end up eating more fat than they can burn. This, in turn, can lead to obesity and diabetes.

It was also found that people might lose Gamma Delta T-Cells due to the diet. Gamma Delta T-Cells is a type of cell that helps to reduce the risk of diabetes. However, researchers admit that there is no long-term clinical study on humans to prove this claim.

“They lose the protective gamma delta T-cells in the fat, long-term clinical studies in humans are still necessary to validate the anecdotal claims of keto’s health benefits,” a statement noted.

So if you are planning to try out the diet, make sure that you consult your physician first.

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