Vegan Junk Food: Is it good for your health?

Vegan Junk Food is considered to be healthy by a majority. In fact, most of the vegan food items out there are considered to be healthy. However, that might not be the case.


According to various reports, eating Vegan Junk Food can lead to a lot of health issues. One such ingredient that causes a major issue is the Vegan Cheese. It is one of the staple ingredients in almost all the junk food items out there. But these cheeses are usually calorific without any nutritious values. This might lead to problems.

Similarly, coconut oil, which is used as an alternative for cheese in the vegan food items has a very high amount of saturated fats.

“This is worrying because what sat fat does is increase LDL cholesterol which is responsible for fatty plaque build-up in arteries. One day that plaque may be pulled off the side of your artery and that is where you get a heart attack or stroke,” said one of the researchers.

 In short, the assumption that all vegan food items are healthy needs to be reconsidered.

“Obviously the pros are that [veganism] is getting people to think about plant-based foods, but the con is that it makes us think that it is good for you when it can be equally or more unhealthy,” says Megan Rossi, a dietician at King’s College London.

So next time you make dietary changes, make sure that you consider this fact as well.

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