Black Diamond apple: Have you heard about this rare fruit?

Apples are one of the world’s most extensive fruits. Its wide popularity is mainly due to its sweet taste and its endless health benefits. Red and green apples are so common among many of us. But you might not have heard about this rare Black Diamond apple. 

Black Diamond Apple

Black Diamond apple is a variety from the family of Hua Niu apples. It grows in a region around 3,100 meters above sea level in Nyingchi, Tibet.

Also known as the ‘Chinese Red Delicious’, it takes about 8 years to fully mature while other standard apples take only 2-3 years.

They receive a lot of ultraviolet light during the day but the temperature fluctuates dramatically at night. This temperature fluctuation causes the skin to develop a deep, dark color.

The flesh inside is white and bright like any other apple. From the outside, the apples almost look like candle wax and are as beautiful as a diamond.

The scorpion fruit is sweeter and crisper than your other standard apples. That’s because they have higher levels of natural glucose. The apples usually put on the market near the end of October and sold for around two months. The fruit is only sold in high-end boutique grocery stores in China with a hefty price tag.

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