2020 Oscars Food Menu: Here is what was served

The 2020 Oscars is in the books. It was a ground-breaking event, to say the least with South-Korean film Parasite making history by winning four major awards including the best picture and the best director awards. Joaquin Phoenix took home the Best Actor award while Rene Zellweger was adjudged the best actress.

The evening was also made memorable by Eminem who performed his song ‘Lose Yourself’, 17 years after winning an Oscar for the song.

While the winners of the 2020 Oscars are no secret now, did you know what was served for the guests that attended the function? Well, below are some of the most exciting food items that were available at the iconic event last day.

  • The Cocktails: Reports suggests that there were around 12000 speciality cocktails available. Globally acclaimed bartender Charles Joy was in charge of the same. Prior to the evening, he noted that the Tequila Don Julio Signature Cocktails would have a special place in the food menu.
  • Vegan-based food items: Austrian-American chef Wolfgang Puck came up with a menu that had 70 per cent vegan dishes. Earlier, a fully-plant based menu was pulled off at the Golden Globes as well. Some of the standouts from the menu included apple and vegetable spring rolls and homemade tofu.
  • Smoked Salmon Oscar Statues: Along with their plant-based food items, Wolfgang also came up with food items that perfectly fit the Oscar theme. There were smoked salmon Oscar statues available along with chocolate Oscar statues for the ones that love dessert.

What do you think of the food menu and the Oscar winners in general? Let us know in the comments below.

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