Food Wastage and Wealth: Here is the link

Food Wastage and Wealth apparently has a major link. The same was found in a new study conducted by the researchers at the Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands.


It was found that people tend to throw out more food when their spending per day for food hits the $6.70 mark. The financial security of being able to spend that much money per day on food and the impression that more can be brought with money is what apparently leads to such wastage of food.

Also, a few years back, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization had revealed that one-third of the World’s food produced is wasted. And now, the latest study suggests that the situation might be even worse.

The new study revealed that a person wastes around 527 calories per day compared to 214 calories which were estimated by the research conducted by the United Nations.

With Global Warming on the rise, the Food Wastage is also having a huge role to play as around 10 per cent of the global greenhouse gas emissions are a direct result of food loss and waste.

So the idea would be to take things up on a personal level and reduce the wastage of food as much as we can.

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