Plane Food: Here is what happens to the uneaten food

Plane food is something that always polarizes people. A majority of the fliers out there hate the thing but at the same time, there are scientific reasons for this hate as well. Eating at such an altitude is just one among them.


While the lack of enjoyment of such food items are a topic for debate, have you ever wondered what happens with the uneaten plane food?

Most food items which are not eaten in the plane ends up incinerated or in landfills. According to research which was conducted two years back across 290 airlines, it was found that around 6.1 Million Tonnes of food waste came from aeroplanes.

This number is all set to be doubled soon considering the pace at which the market is booming. More people flying means more food wastage. Although Airlines are making their moves to reduce this wastage, this is indeed a topic that needs addressing.

Flying itself is taking a huge toll on the environment and on top of this; the huge amount of food waste is doing no help as well. A small part you can do is to reduce the number of times you fly or not order food if you are not really hungry.

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