Lettuce for healing Bone Fracture: What you need to know

Lettuce for healing bone fracture might sound like a silly title but a new study has actually discovered such a plan.

The study which was published in the March edition of Biomaterials general talks about a genetically modified lettuce plant which can help in the stimulation of bone-building cells.


Conducted by researchers Henry Daniell and Shuying Yang from Penn’s School of Dental Medicine, the study makes use of a protein called Growth-Factor 1 to make the genetically modified output.

The plant made like this is reportedly shelf-stable and can be orally delivered. It apparently has the ability to promote bone regeneration as well.

“Fracture healing is a significant health issue, especially for patients with diabetes. They tend to have reduced bone repair and increased fracture risk, presenting a treatment challenge. Delivering this novel human IGF-1 though eating the plant is effective, easily delivered, and an attractive option for patients,” Study author Yang noted via NDTV.

While it would be a ground-breaking innovation, it works on the old-age principle that vegetables are always good for our health. Jokes apart, it would be interesting to see what the future holds for the study.

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