Vitamin C: How you can get your daily dose of the nutrient

Vitamin C is crucial for a lot of your body functions.


And if you are wondering how you can push in more Vitamin C into your system, all you have to do is to add coriander to your daily diet. The vegetable is a rich source of the vitamin and at the same time have plenty of anti-oxidants. The combination of these two results in boosting immunity and avoiding seasonal problems.

Apart from this, it is a great source of dietary fibre, magnesium and iron as well aiding indigestion, stomach cramps and balancing blood sugar levels.

Talking about numbers, 100 gm of Coriander contains around 3.6 gm of carbohydrate, 2.08 gm of protein, 2.50 mg vitamin E, 27 mg vitamin C, 310 mg vitamin K, and 055 mg pantothenic acid among others according to USDA.

Unlike the other fruits and vegetables out there, coriander leaves are easy to include in your diet as well. It can be used in salads, for making dips or you can even make fritters from the leaves as well.

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