Lemon Juice: Does it help in weight loss?

It is said that little changes might have a big impact on weight loss.


The idea of using acidic juices like lemon juice to your diet might help you in weight loss. But you might have doubts on if it really works. What can a simple glass of water infused with lemon do?

Lemon juice on empty stomach doesn’t work magic like the buzz you hear. It is actually that the consumption of calories is less when you have a glass of lemon juice. If you just squash half lemon into a glass of water for consumption. A glass of lemon juice just has only 6 calories.

It is not a tasty beverage to replace the dairy product. But it will help to remove the amount of consumption of calories. Thus making it an ideal small change to boost your weight loss diet.

The advantage of Lemon Juice is not just lower calories, it also helps you to boost your metabolism and it keeps you hydrated too. Thus Lemon juice becomes the little change that can help you have a big impact on weight loss.

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