Eating Sweets during Pregnancy: What you need to know

Eating Sweets during pregnancy is something that almost everyone out there does. The common assumption is that women need more calories during pregnancy and sweets are a good source of the same.

sweets during pregnancy

This assumption leads to women loading up on many sweets during pregnancy but there is a catch. Many studies have shown that the sweets that most women consume basically contain empty calories.

For the uninitiated, empty calories are basically calories which do not have any major nutritious content in them. In short, even if you load up on sweets, it is not going to translate into health benefits for the baby as the nutritious values are low on such food items.

Due to this, doctors recommend indulging cautiously while eating sweets as the same should be done in a moderate manner.

Similarly, the assumption that women should eat for two people from the start of pregnancy is a myth as well according to many doctors. This only comes into play during the second and third trimester when the baby starts to grow and develop vital organs. During the start of pregnancy, it is recommended to eat fresh food, nuts and seeds, eggs, legumes, grains among others.

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