Egg Substitutes: 3 Food Items you can use while baking

The egg is a food item that plays a crucial role in our daily life. And when we talk about baking, most people consider it as an ingredient that cannot be replaced. However, this is not true.


There are many food items out there which can act as a substitute for the egg when you are planning to bake. And having this knowledge is important as you might want a vegetarian option every now and then due to a long list of reasons.

We will be listing down three such substitute food items that you can use.

  • Mashed Bananas: Mashed Bananas can be used in many muffins and cakes. Although it might add some banana flavour, it brings out some health benefits to the table as well which is always good.
  • Vinegar and Baking Soda: Vinegar and Baking soda, when combined are known to produce water and carbon dioxide. This results in a dish that is both fluffy and air-baked.
  • Yoghurt: This is considered as a great vegetarian replacement for eggs by many. Adding Yoghurt can enhance flavour and fluffiness to your baked recipes as well.

All these options, however, will depend on the recipe that you are planning to make and how you want to taste it.

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