Soft Food Diet: Everything you need to know about it

Soft Food Diet is one of those diets that you might have come across at some point in your life. This diet is usually recommended by medical professionals to combat certain clinical conditions and includes food items that are soft and easy to digest.


In other words, such a diet takes away the normally textured and highly seasonal food items from your diet.

You might be familiar with such a diet if you had your tooth taken out or if you had a surgery. It is also recommended to people who are too weak to digest regular food and also to people who are undergoing chemotherapy.

So what exactly are you supposed to eat when you are on a soft food diet? Vegetables and fruits are a good start.

Soft cooked carrots, green beans, chopped cooked spinach, cooked and peeled apples, peeled ripe peaches, cooked pears, pureed fruits among others are recommended. You can also eat salads and whole eggs to keep that protein intake high.

When it comes to meat, it is ideal to eat finely chopped or ground moistened poultry, soft tuna or chicken salad without chopped raw vegetables.

It should be noted that this diet varies from condition to condition and it would be ideal to take recommendations from your doctor before you start practising it.

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