Lemon Coffee: How to make this caffeine drink for weight loss

Lemon Coffee is something that you might not be familiar with. However, if you are a caffeine aficionado, it is something that you should try out.


Experimenting with your love for caffeine is certainly something that can help you to kill time.

Apart from being a regular drink that can fire up your system, Lemon Coffee can also help you to lose weight. Coffee is known to improve digestion and activating weight loss components in the body while Lemon Juice has the ability to stimulate the metabolism rate of the body. A combination of these two helps to shed the extra pounds from the body.

Now that you know the benefits, the next obvious question would be: How to make it? Well, below are the instructions.

All you have to do is mix brewed coffee with crushed ice, sugar, cold water and some lemon juice. Alternatively, you can mix coffee with sugar, soda, water, cinnamon and lime juice as well.

Since the recipe is so easy to make, it is something that you can try out today itself.

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