Rice Bran Oil: Here is why it is seeing a rise in popularity

Rice Bran Oil is seeing a huge rise in popularity. People around the world now prefer this oil for cooking due to the recent studies that back the health benefits of the same.


It is especially beneficial for heart health as it can keep a tab on cholesterol.

Additionally, many health experts recently recommended the Rice Bran Oil and noted that it is safer than other cooking oils.

The reason pointed out by the organisations was the composition of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and saturated fats in the oil. The composition of this oil is reportedly safer than most of the other vegetable oils.

It was also found that this was one of the secrets of good heart health in the traditional Japanese diet. For the uninitiated, the heart problem rates in Japan is just 3% and a lot of researchers are pointing towards their choice of oil for the same.

In short, the vast availability of data on nutritional and health values have resulted in a sudden shift of cooking preferences around the world when it comes to oil.

Along with this, the consumption of Virgin Olive Oil has also seen a huge rise. The reason for this is the detailed studies on the health benefits of following the Mediterranean diet for heart health and longevity.

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